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Buy Me a Coffee?


Actually – and this may come as a shock – I don’t drink coffee. But, the sentiment is the same. Have you ever seen street performers with open guitar cases, hats, or cans on the ground in front of them where people toss in a few coins here and there?

That’s the idea behind Ko-fi. Performers, artists, and storytellers like me who primarily show off online don’t have the benefit of a hat on the street. With Ko-fi it allows us the opportunity to ask you to support us a little bit monetarily without a commitment on your part. Just a one time $3 donation to say thanks, I appreciate your work.

Become a Patron of the Arts


We wouldn’t have great works of art and literature without the art of patronage. Shakespeare wouldn’t have been able to spend his time writing plays and sonnets had he been forced to work as a laborer of some kind just to afford a scrap of bread and a blanket at night.

While I’m not opposed to working, in fact I enjoy my day-job very much. The idea behind Patreon is to bring back the old way of supporting creators and pull it into the digital age.

Patreon is a subscription service. You pledge money to a creator (I currently have $1 and $5 levels that you can take advantage of.) and in return you get exclusive or first-look access to certain things. It could be that you get to see a piece or read it as soon as it’s finished, or you might get to take part in a members only Q&A or face time session. Maybe even get yourself somehow written into a piece or drawn into a background, or your name mentioned in the credits/acknowledgements of a work.

Basically, you help your creators afford to do their work, they are able to do their work, and you get the benefit of more work being produced along with a few other perks that come along with the snazzy title Patron of the Arts.

Be a Pal!

Don’t want to sign up for Ko-Fi or Go Fund me and not interested in a monthly subscription but have a PayPal? Here’s my PayPal.me link! If you let me know it’s alright I’ll happily put your name on a “This ____ Made Possible by” section for the world to know that you support me and my work!


Moral Support is Great Too!

If you can’t afford to support me monetarily that’s okay too. I don’t mind. I’m a broke college graduate and I totally get it. I know that your inability to donate isn’t a reflection of how you feel about my work.

Keep up to date with what you have access to and be involved in the community I’m creating here and on my other social accounts. If you can, I’d also ask that you share my work with your friends and family, spread my name around and let others know how much you love my work. Social and moral is great too. I’d love it! If you have fan art or fan fiction you’ve created, I would love to see it! Share it, send it in, make comments, and share share share! This is an exciting community, and if it isn’t yet, it will be! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you!

Always yours,