Check out my serial novel if you haven’t already!

Xanadu: Tragedy

I started publishing this on my birthday this year. I’m slowly getting the hang of it and if you like fantasy/sci-fi and enjoy world building check it out. I’m having some fun doing a slow exploration of characters and this new world I’m creating!

VERY Rough draft of Elias Kincaid, MC of Xanadu

This is Really Happening!!! MAY 25th 2019!!! 26 Days!

On May 25, 2019 I will release the first installment of my serial web novel I’ve been working on, Xanadu

You can find it at

I’m taking a leap of faith. I refuse to stop writing, I refuse to be a failure. I’ll be releasing Xanadu, an experiment in world building and character development, that I want you all to see. I want the world to see what I can do and I’m so excited to share it with you!!!