Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

IMG_0586The sparrow does not store food in barns. He does not sow or reap. He does not worry for his next meal, he knows it will come. He does not fret for tomorrow, and he most certainly does not dwell on yesterday’s worm.

The flowers of the field do not labor over their colours, they do not spin fine cloth or silk, and no emperor has ever been clothed as splendidly as they. Even had they minds to think they would not worry over what they where or what others see. They would know the splendor with which they are clothed is but a fleeting moment in their lives.

The dog sleeps beside his mistress. He does not worry that he will not be fed tomorrow. He does not worry that he will be left behind or out in the cold. He does not lay awake, hoping that she will still love him in the morning. He does not think of these things as his feet twitch, running through some field or forest in his dreams.

The doe grazes quietly in the clearing. She does not think of the hunter that may take her tomorrow, or even later this day, as she listens to the sounds around her. That is not to say she will not react to the prowling wolf if she hears him, but that does not concern her now. All that concerns her is the here and now as she grazes. She does not worry for what the future might bring.

A little Christian cries in the corner. Her job isn’t what she wants to do. She knows she’s better than this. She doesn’t want to grow old and bitter here. She doesn’t want to be afraid to leave. But she is afraid for what tomorrow might bring. She has bills to pay and she wonders where the money will come from to keep the debt collectors at bay. She’s never had bills like this before. She never thought she’d work a job like this. She worries that tomorrow she will not be able to do it, that she will give up. She contemplates the difference between quitting and giving up, but knows they’re the same if she doesn’t know why she’s doing it.

Little Christian bites her lips and frets when her boss asks her to talk. She worries that she will not have to quit. She couldn’t keep herself calm and focused and her work started slipping. Though it isn’t as bad as she thought, she worries that she can not keep going. There is nothing she wants more than to leave this place and follow her dreams.

The Father up above is looking down in love. He does not fret or wonder if the sparrow will starve, He does not worry that the flowers of the field will not be splendid enough. He does not worry for the dog who sleeps beside his mistress. He knows when the doe will encounter the hunter and when the wolf will feast. He knows what the future will bring,

He reaches out a strong hand, full of scars and callouses, to hold the little Christian. He knows her worries and her fears. He speaks softly to her, waiting for her sobs to cease so she can hear His words. He tells her of the deer, the dog, the flowers, and the sparrow. He tells her that He loves her more than any of these. He created her in his own image. He loved her so much that he brought her into being, knowing the world would need her for one thing or another, though He will not tell her what.

The little Christian steels herself, waiting for the world to collapse around and on her. She keeps going every day, waiting, watching, but it never falls. It just keeps going. There is no end in sight to the cycle as she relaxes into the Father’s arms. The Father who loves her more than He love the sparrow, the flowers, the dog, and the doe.

One day at a time. Tomorrow can worry about itself.

It’s been a rough month and at the end of it all, I have to keep reminding myself that the past is over, the future is not set in stone, and the present is a gift. God’s got this and He knows how it’s going to turn out. There is only one thing in the future that is truly set in stone, and that is His victory over darkness and Satan. There is so much wrong in the world, and in such a short time it seems to be getting so much worse. But, tomorrow can worry about itself, and worry can’t change yesterday. There is only today for us, finite beings that we are. One day, we’ll look back on everything and see that wat we thought were the biggest things are only the smallest part of the most beautiful, intricate, and amazing tapestry. When that day comes, we’ll finally understand.