First Snow

A vague smile crosses my face as the first snow falls. I turn away from the lies reflected in the window pane. The snow in the field behind the hospital is unmarred, I won’t be the one to take that away. I slowly walk to the chair beside my wife’s bed. The white linoleum looks …

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I’m Creating Again

I feel like I need to do something, that I'm supposed to be somewhere else, doing something with myself. I've been blessed that God has not only given me a job, but the endurance to keep working that job - even if I complain a lot, don't enjoy it like I did, and hurt all over. But, there's more to life, to my life, than the garden center at Lowe's.

Independant Thinker from Interdependent Roots

This article from Vox has raised some interesting thoughts this morning. I graduated with a bachelor's degree this last spring, three weeks before I turned 21. That's a pretty big deal. Neither of my parents have a bachelor's degree. My mom worked through for an associate degree in business and got it about a year before …

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