The Adjusted Crown by Quiandrea Borders – A Review

The Adjusted Crown by Quiandrea Borders is published by J. Kenkade Publishing in the Summer of 2017 and tells the life story of one Quiandrea Borders from birth to the present day. At just 111 pages the book is a fast read and holds a thousand different turns and twists of fate with an immense potential to entertain readers for a few hours.

The Adjusted Crown was written in the attempt to express God’s love and to share hope with women going through hard times. It encourages readers to “Boss up!” and “Keep your crown adjusted at all times.”

Quiandrea’s life is full of intriguing events the likes of a Zora Neal Hurston Novel. Set against the back drop of a modern-day southern America the book captures the life of one woman and her struggles growing up without a father and falling into the traps of the world and the abuse cycle. It tells the breaking of that cycle and the love which Quiandrea has for her daughter, the product of her abusive relationship, and the reason that she keeps going.

For a book claiming to encourage other women in their relationship with God and that a “scripture a day will keep the devil away” I was a little surprised at the lack of scriptures and evidence provided of God’s hand in the life of Quiandrea. That’s not to say that He wasn’t there; there are too many instances that should have ended worse than they did for God’s hand not to have been present, however there is little mention of God and for the reader looking for a devotional book to encourage them on their walk with God the content of this book is not as full of the word of God and examples of His handiwork as typical books of the same Genre. For the reader looking for encouragement and the idea that life can always get better, this book may contain the story you are looking for.

Quiandrea fits her entire life into 111 pages and it leaves the reader wanting more with every page and line.

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M.K.Harlan is a Ball State Alumna with a degree in English-Creative Writing. Along with writing she enjoys painting, drawing, photography, and spending time with her dog.

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