patreon_logoIf you haven’t heard of Patreon, I’m here to fix that.

Patreon is an awesome site that is recreating the culture of patronage. Way back when, artists, actors, and writers who were anything other than independently wealthy lived off of donations provided by patrons. These patrons paid the bills and gave artisans the opportunity to actually create things. Kind of like the way racecar drivers and athletes are sponsored – in fact, exactly that way.

In return for money and the ability to create, patrons would receive private performances, commissions, and societal reputation. To be known as a Patron of the Arts was a sign of standing in society, especially with the popularity of the Renaissance figure.

Now, these days, anyone not an athlete is unlikely to receive any kind of patronage, and the arts are considered dying in our post industrialization era. But Patreon is helping to revive and preserve the arts.

The Idea?

You pick your favorite artists and writers that you want to support and see more of their work and choose an amount that you want to donate to them. It helps to pay the bills: student loans, phone bill, rent, food in the fridge, and gas in the car.

This enables your artists to do things like cut back their hours at a day job and focus more on creating art, stories, music, or whatever it is they create, for you to enjoy. The artists improve their craft and you have more to enjoy. Even if you see that your artist isn’t making a whole lot per month you enable them to invest more money in their craft: buying paints and canvases, a new computer to write on, an editor so they can publish, or anything else they might need in order to keep producing and improving on their content.

In Return you get:

More awesome content. With luck, this content gets better and better as the artist continues to create.

Exclusive rewards determined by the artist and usually based on your level of contribution. This could be anything from thank you cards handwritten and mailed to you every month, exclusive posts and videos, behind the scenes looks, sneak peaks of upcoming releases, or opportunities to purchase and/or obtain new work before anyone else.

It’s really a sweet deal from any way you look at it. Your favorite artists get to focus on their art, creating things for you, plus you get exclusive rewards that the average fan doesn’t get. Even if you donate as little as $1/month (with or without a bonus reward), you’re helping them live, and you’re getting something in return – even if it’s just more/improved content.

My Point?

I’m on Patreon and I’m asking you to consider doing this for me. You can find my donation page here. You can see my purpose, my goals, and the rewards I’m offering.

If you can’t afford to donate, though, that’s okay too. I don’t mind. I’m a broke college graduate and I totally get it. I know that your inability to donate isn’t a reflection of how you feel about my work.

Keep up to date with what you have access to and be involved in the community I’m creating here and on my other social accounts. If you can, I’d also ask that you share my work with your friends and family, spread my name around and let others know how much you love my work. If you can’t afford to help me monetarily, socially is good too. I’d love it! If you have fan art or fan fiction you’ve created, I would love to see it! Share it, send it in, make comments, and share share share! This is an exciting community, and if it isn’t yet, it will be! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you!


Always yours,


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