About Me

IMG_0627I’m M.K. Harlan, The Glass Writer.

Have you ever stopped to think about glass? It’s literally everywhere. We drink out of it, we eat out of it, we cook with it, build with it, make art out of it, wear it, and stare into its depths at our own reflections, never seeing past its surface. It even protects us as we do 70mph down the highway.

Glass can be just about any color. It can be transparent, or not. It can change the view of a room when it’s stained and light is shown through it.

It can be hard enough to hurt if it hits you wrong, or so delicate that it breaks if you look at it cross eyed. And when it breaks it’ll slice through you like butter.

Glass is useful, beautiful, and dangerous.

Just like words.

I attended college at Ball State University in Muncie, IN and graduated three weeks before my 21st birthday with a bachelor of arts in English and a concentration in creative writing. I’m on the road to being published as I work on several stories and essays at a time, submitting them for consideration to literary magazines all around the United States.

I have a passion for fiction (fantasy and literary) and a love of personal essays. I’m a painter and I’ve played several instruments in my time, though now I only rarely tinker with an old out of tune piano that I never learned how to play in the first place. I also enjoy hiking and photography.

I volunteer regularly in children’s ministry at my church and write often about my faith and the insights I gain through the study of God’s word.

I love glass art.

Glass is a contradiction and contradictions make things interesting. They highlight the diversity and conflict of any situation. Any writer worth their salt knows that these are two essential elements to a well written story. Glass embodies beauty, usefulness, and danger. It is a story unto itself and I marvel at that. I’d even argue that glass is more precious than diamonds for the sake of its story.

I am The Glass Writer.