Words are hard. Let me help.

When you ask the average person what they think the most important skill is in any job you might get a range of answers, but one of the most consistent skills to make an appearance is communication.

We live in a consumer based world. If you can’t communicate with your team, the job can’t be done, if you can’t communicate properly with the consumer they’ll never know what you’re doing or how you can help. Worse – they might take their business elsewhere. Readers should be hooked within 100 words or they’ll walk away.

I am The Glass Writer

My purpose is to help you hook clients, buyers, and readers. I provide a wide array of writing and editing services at affordable prices so that you can focus on other important things like creating awesome products and client/reader relationships.

As a writer, I strive to be transparent as glass with you and your readers. No confusing jargon or vague thoughts that leave readers wondering what just happened. Strong prose and delicate consumer relationships are my specialty. As a trained fiction writer I bring the ability to entice readers and involve them emotionally in your products and services. As a retail veteran I bring in the ability to understand what it is the consumer wants from you and how to tell them exactly what you offer and who you are.

Don’t need a writer? What about what comes after the writing?

As an editor I will leave your work stronger and sharper than ever before. I’ve been trained in an array of genres and revision techniques. I will leave your work stronger, more concise, and more free of grammar and spelling errors than your high school English teacher ever thought it could be.

If you need writing help, I’m your girl.

Do you want to learn more about writing so you can do it yourself instead of always hiring someone like me? I offer workshop and peer review services to help you make your writing stronger than its ever been. Just need someone to read it and give you a set of fresh eyes on a piece you’ve read and reread a thousand times already? Check out my peer review offerings to see if they fit your needs.

Already published and on the marketing trail?

Books are where it all started for me. Once I started reading, I never looked back. Need an honest amazon review? Goodreads? Library Thing? I’ll even put it on my blog and promote the review on social media.

And I don’t just review writing. I’ll review your app, music, film, or product that I have a connection to or knowledge in.

All reviews are honest and submitted after a full experience of the reviewed material.

I’m an artist too!

I’ve been writing for years and the art of fiction and essays will forever be my passion. If you’re not here for writing services perhaps you just want to check out some stories or essays, maybe even some paintings and art projects. Go ahead and check out the appropriate sections of my portfolio! You won’t be disappointed. I work in a wide range of genres and I’m sure you’ll find something to make you smile today.

May you always find what you are looking for!



The Glass Writer