Helpful Sites

1. – this is a site run by the author Randy Ingermanson and it is where I discovered the snowflake method… check it out

2. – I know this is a site for expectant parents, and yes I know I don’t fall into that category. Children aren’t even a blip on the radar, but I do hold an account on this site. When I need a name for a character but just can’t find the right one I find myself on this site or looking in baby name books because our characters are our children.

3. – This site is a fantasy name generator I like to use to help with naming some obscure places.

4. – This is the site for the scholastic art and writing awards. Teens looking for scholarships and/or some recognition for their writing should definitely check this out.

5. – This is a fantasy writing site where you might be able to glean some helpful advice or information to help you with your fantasy story.

6. – This is a site run by the amazon bestselling author of Necromancer Awakening, Nat Russo. I find it very helpful and sometimes just downright interesting

7. – A new Writer’s Guild run by the author Jerry Jenkins. It’s something you have to pay for but it’s worth looking into for the support community. I was on for a little less than a month before my finances told me I needed textbooks more… I intend to rejoin at some point in the future.

8. – A website with virtual fortune cookie messages. Great for Writing Prompts

9. – Ah… the British. This site generates various story elements, including entire plots… sometimes it’s just what you need to get the ball rolling! I was introduced to this site by my intro screenwriting professor… it’s actually really cool for writing exercises and even projects that I can’t decide what to write about but I have a deadline.

Note: This article will be updated as I discover more sites to help myself and other writer’s grow.

Last Updated: 8 June 2016

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