I’m a Woman Too

When the stranger approaches me at the bar as I’m buying you all another round, he looks me up and down. I know in his eyes he sees me not as one of the guys but as a woman. The woman I look for in the mirror. Perhaps he will see past the parts you all call broken. We talk as I wait for your drinks, he asks for my number. I tell him I don’t know and he gives me his instead.


It’s a well-known fact that dogs and squirrels are at war, though perhaps not among the squirrel population. Charlie, however – he knows about this war. He believes that he himself was there when it began.

Reality – 2016

Reality is relative.

A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings

Mariposa has lived her entire life in the park. She was born here, in the fennel patch. Since then she has never lacked for food. She eats the fennel plants, never ceasing, always consuming, growing. She believes she will live forever in this manner. Or she would if she ever stopped to think about beliefs …

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The advertisements flashed in front of my eyes with the latest upgrade, promising faster connections and a smoother interface than before. It was supposed to fix all the bugs, but that’s what they always said. Every upgrade fixed the bugs in the last one and brought with it a few more of its own. The …

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He licked his lips and walked the chip across his knuckles. Three years. In three years, he hadn’t been to church. He hadn’t had communion. He hadn’t seen his wife, he hadn’t spoken a word to his children. He hadn’t been allowed. Beside him, his wife knelt in solemn prayer. He knew that for the …

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The Poor Man’s Doctor

I eat dinner with the man across the aisle, though he doesn’t know it. We each take bite after bite, never speaking. I made a mistake with him, years ago. He does not recognize me now, but I recognize him. He needed to make a choice. He refused and now I must clean up his …

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