I’m Creating Again

I feel like I need to do something, that I'm supposed to be somewhere else, doing something with myself. I've been blessed that God has not only given me a job, but the endurance to keep working that job - even if I complain a lot, don't enjoy it like I did, and hurt all over. But, there's more to life, to my life, than the garden center at Lowe's.

My Side Quest Will Not Kill Me

My side quest, my day job, doesn't deserve to kill me. If anything is going to get me, it better be a monster on the main storyline, not some side fight.

OFFICIAL Patreon Launch

Shakespeare wouldn't have been writing as many plays as he had if he hadn't been patronized by people like Queen Elizabeth.

College Graduate Support

This article inspired by a recent initiative from DePauw University. Shared with me by a Ball State English Professor and amazing literary citizen. So, a few days ago I went looking for something on the #bsuenglish blog. Back in October they were providing this really nifty page on the blog where every Monday they added …

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I Took Myself to the Movies

Taking myself to the movies, was the best choice I've made so far this year, and it's only day 7. I can't wait to see how much more I can grow this year, what I can learn about myself, my faith, and the world I live in. I'm excited to dream with my eyes wide open. 😉

Goals – 2018

I want to be happy, closer to God, and doing what I love on my own terms. 


Yesterday marked two weeks. Two weeks since we said goodbye to our beloved beagle, Toby. He was 13 years old and the BEST dog I have ever known. I never had a bond with him like I feel with Charlie, or like I felt with Max, a dog that died when I was eight. But …

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