Life is research. From the moment we enter this world we are faced with new and uncomfortable surroundings, things that we know nothing about. Pain and heartache, pleasure and love. For the first few days of our lives we cry almost nonstop, every moment of pain or pleasure that we feel is quite literally either the best or worst thing we have ever felt. This period in our lives is a period of rapid growth as we are constantly learning, nothing is old, nothing is familiar.

Somewhere, we lose that sense of the new. Things become familiar, and we become complacent. Our thirst for knowledge and learning begins to be overridden by our desire for rest, comfort, and safety.

For many people that state of life is never regained; for others it comes back in the form of a midlife crisis, and for some it comes and goes in different seasons of life. But there are a select few who seek it out. They chase that stage in life until the day they die. One day they wake up and realize that they don’t belong in an office, or behind a counter. They realize that there is so much in this world that they still haven’t seen, too many pains and pleasures yet unexperienced. And they seek them out, every moment not spent learning or experiencing life is a moment wasted.

These select few are the thinkers, the dreamers, the independent believers in a greater world.

It is my desire to be one of those few, those happy few, that band of brothers (and sisters) which searches for experiences of learning and understanding. There is so much of the world left to see and I intend to seek it out. All those undiscovered and hidden places, the stories of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

I have a dream of making the world a better place and leaving it better than I found it, even if only for one person.

I began my writing career when I was in the seventh grade, with a love for books inspired by Jack London, Charles Dickens, and Alexandre Dumas. I fell in love with Fantasy and adventure thanks to Christopher Paolini and Robin McKinley. And I continue to write though it sometimes feels pointless thanks to Sir Terry Pratchett and his inability to quit.

From my love of reading and writing stems my sense for adventure and learning, my desire to be a dreamer, an independent thinker.

I’ve dealt with a fear of the unknown for a long time. Now – it’s time to shed that fear, to seek adventure and a better world. I am currently exploring what it means to be human in this world that I live in and seeking out adventures close to home while planning for the next big adventure in my life.

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