Hi! I’m M.K.!


When is comes to art, I’m still developing and growing, but I am primarily a sketch artist, with a fondness for portraits and studying humans, though I am slowly branching into paintings and other mediums including graphics and illustration.

Art is not the medium I chose. In school I was more concerned with words and poetry than I was with lines and imagery. In many ways, that is still my focus. As I work on my art I turn back to my old familiar friends, letters and syllables when I can’t understand the complexities of hue and tone.

Art is something that chooses you.

It snuck up behind me and whispered in my ear something I can’t express in words and I was intrigued, so I followed.


Words are magic and I’ve been in love with them since I learned how to read. Begging my parents to teach me to read I used to think that words were the most mysterious things in the world. Books full of so many wonderful things and worlds that I could never possibly understand or experience them all.

I took a creative writing class in high school and when I found out I could major in it in college I was hooked. I’d already been writing on and off, poetry and short stories, and that class opened me up to the idea that it could become a career, that it could become my life.

Since graduating college I’m coming to find that words aren’t the only way to tell a story and that they are still just as mysterious as they were before I could understand them.


Life is a story and art and story are its support system. I believe that we should all live as though everything we do and say is a work of art, because we are all masterpieces in our own right.

As a creative who lives with both depression and anxiety my life can be interesting and terrifying. Every person, every creative, is unique in their own way. There is no one path paved in life. things that work for others don’t work for me and things that work for me disqualify me in the eyes of others from being a true creative.

Life as a creative is interesting. Let me tell you my story and show you the art that I find in my life.

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