A New Addition

This last month has been crazy and wonderful. I added a new addition to my little family, Lacey Lou.

Lacey is a terrier/lab/mutt mix. She’s about 8ish years old. (I know, really specific right?) Honestly, she’s the perfect dog for me at my current stage and place in life. Her energy levels are just right for what I’m capable of handling. She likes to lay at my feet while I work and she loves to play with her dinosaur that she picked out herself. We often play tug o war and keep away with said dinosaur.

Lacey Lou pictured with Lamb Chop whom she has since beheaded.

Lacey Lou is missing some fur, and at the moment is under weight. She’s technically a senior dog and does have some joint issues, but she loves life.

Lacey was found by the side of the road in Scottsburg, Indiana. When her microchip came up unregistered and no one came forward to claim her I asked to take her in, even though I live on the other side of the state in Mishawaka, Indiana. That was the best choice I have made in a long time and I’m more than happy to say she now has her forever home with me, wherever I go in life, this girl is going with me and will never be abandoned again.

We’re working on getting her healthy and let me tell you that has been amazing for my writing. For one thing, the vet bills mean that I had to cancel Netflix again… even though it’s only been a few days without it I haven’t been able to watch as much as I was because I was playing with Lacey. When I’m not playing with Lacey I feel this need to create, to write, and to draw. I want the best life for her and that means that I need to get my life where I want it too.

Having Lacey has helped me motivate myself towards becoming a full time writer these last few weeks. I mean, it’s going to take some time, I don’t earn anything from it right now, but the fact that I’m actually writing and creating again is a step in the right direction. I keep saying this over and over that I’m doing this again… that I’m going to keep at it this time. With Lacey in my life I think it might actually happen. Between the need to keep her happy and on a schedule, and my own need to create I don’t see anything I can do but try and keep trying.

I started working on a children’s book based on my mother’s pit/lab mix and now that I have Lacey Lou I see her getting into the stories too. Every dog needs a friend after all. 😉

There’s just something about a dog that makes life feel better, more vibrant and alive, it makes it that much easier to be a creative. I love it, and I love my little Lacey Lou.

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