I’m Releasing a Web Novel in 2019!

Honestly, I’m procrastinating here… NaNoWriMo is kicking my but in terms of I’m exhausted and the eye strain is killing me, but I wanted to share this with you:


That, readers, is a link to a new website I’ve created with WordPress here. I talk about my writing and most of you know there is nothing I would love more than to be able to write full time. Well, Xanadu is my attempt to get one step closer to realizing that dream to its full potential. 

Next year I am committing myself to writing and releasing a weekly installment of one story. A web-novel. Now, I would also like to illustrate it, but that may not come until a later date because let’s be honest I’m not always totally comfortable with my art skills and the software I use, but once I’m to a good place there, whether I’m comfortable or not I plan on releasing illustrations to go with the installments, even some installments that might be fully illustrated like a graphic novel or they might be just an illustration for the installment.

Xanadu isn’t just me taking a step closer to being a full time writer, it’s me further developing my voice as a storyteller.

You know how you start of with a T.V. character and you only sort of like them, it’s like they aren’t comfortable in their own skin, but by the fourth season you can’t see anyone else because they’ve come to own that character, they know the character better than themself? I like to think of Misha Collins as Castiel, though I loved him from the beginning. 

This is my attempt to find my voice, get feedback, and show you what I can do.

The tentative release date for the first installment is Saturday, January 5th around 8pm Indianapolis time. I hope you’ll subscribe long enough to at least get the first installment and see if you’re interested. If you like it once it’s up and running share it with friends, family. I would be so happy to have more readers.

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