I’d like to Request a Retraction and Apology

I would like to request a retraction and apology from every adult who ever disciplined me for backsass, name calling, hateful speech of any kind, and for using the word no when asked to do something that I didn’t want to do. I would also like to request consideration from every adult now, I am also an adult by the way, who acts like I can’t tell them no or speak my mind because I’m just an immature child.

I am making this request on the basis that I was, am, and will be, exercising my right to free speech.

I see so many people in the media getting away with racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-so many things that i’ve lost track of all the things I don’t want to hear anymore, and all I’ve heard about it is that they have a right to say it because the second amendment gives them the right to free speech.

I was about seven when my aunt Heidi sat down in front of me while I was watching T.V. Laying on Gramma and Grandpa’s couch. Before I thought twice about it, “You’re as fat as my mom,” were the words that came out of my mouth. Immediately my Aunt Kathy said something along the lines of “Uhh uhhh!” and my butt was red and my mouth got washed out with soap. I was not allowed to watch T.V. and I was made to apologize not only to my aunt Heidi, but also to my mother when she returned to pick me up. Because I wasn’t allowed to say things like that without consequences, because it was wrong and hurtful towards other people.

I would like an apology from my aunt Kathy for my punishment. I would also like to put out a retraction to my mother and my aunt Heidi for my apology… after all, I was just exercising my right to free speech. I had a right to say it…

Didn’t I?

DIDN’T I?!?!?!?!?!

I don’t want to listen to that comedian. I don’t want to listen to that preacher.

Why not?

Because they’re racist. Heaven isn’t just for white men. They insulted women and called black people niggers.

Free speech, kid. They have a right to say it.

I don’t think the president is a good one. I don’t think he should be in office.

You have to respect the office, Moira. You can’t say that. He earned it fair and square.

I don’t think so.

We forget how young you are. You lack wisdom.

It seems every day my “free speech” is infringed upon. I can’t call the president a racist, misogynistic bastard with cheetos for brains (Actually, that’s an insult to cheetos.) without getting reprimanded, but if he wanted to he could call me a nice piece of ass, a cunt, or a million other degrading things. And I’d probably be told that I have to respect him, respect the office. I wouldn’t be allowed to reprimand him at all. Because he’s the president and I have to respect his power, his office. I have to respect what he has and the office he “won”.

We’re not allowed to call anyone out on their racist, homophobic, misogynistic, fatphobic, or generally hateful words, stop supporting their businesses, stop listening to their words, because they have a right to say what they want. They have a right to free speech.

Here’s the difference between my free speech and theirs: I was taught that some forms are unacceptable, or at least they’re unacceptable for me. These people speak their minds, and no form of speech is unacceptable for them. For them, it’s all free. They don’t have standards imposed upon them.

Here’s the other difference: I would never – ever – infringe on another human being’s existence with my free speech like the people I’m referencing do. I have boundaries that I was taught. And I have morals that make sure I’m not even tempted to cross those boundaries.

There are boundaries to free speech, and unless we call people out on it when they cross those boundaries like I was called out when I was a kid they will never learn.

So here’s my request: If you ever reprimanded or disciplined me in retaliation for something I said, whether or not I ever recognized it as wrong, and you think that it’s okay to let Nazis, and other half-wits full of hatred speak out and spread their hatred because of their right to free speech. I would like you to leave an apology and retraction in the comments for everything you disciplined or reprimanded me for when I was just exercising my right to free speech. If you can excuse someone in “power” for calling someone else a nigger, for making fun of disabled people, women, or anyone for that matter, then you can excuse me for calling my little brothers stupid when I was 9 because that was my opinion and I was entitled to free speech.

Then, I’d like you to ask yourself one more question: If a Nazi stood up and started spouting off Nazi propaganda, would you listen? Would you let him speak because he has the right to free speech? If not, then think about the other things you’re willing to allow. If you would because of “free speech” then just remember, that makes you a Nazi too. “If you have one Nazi at a table and nine others talking to him then you have a table with ten Nazis.”

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