OFFICIAL Patreon Launch


So, last night I officially launched my Patreon Page on Twitter. I have a page pinned on my blog roll about it, but the official launch happened on twitter last night. I’m going to be promoting it more and more this coming year as I continue with my journey to rediscovering my passion for my work, and do my best to be the writer I want to be.

On Patreon you can subscribe just to get updates every month about how my writing is going, or you can get involved with my work and see more of it before the rest of the world sees it, possibly even some work that the rest of the world will never see because I want to give fun things to you, my loyal patrons. I have the rewards up for January, except for one… I mean, I launched it last night and the reward is literally about me overcoming my anxiety to make a video for you guys. I have no motivation to do this right now so my anxiety and I are quite happy where we are.

As the year goes on I will be focusing on creating art and writing, and getting better at both. I’ll be reading more, writing more, and creating more. Patreon is the front row seat for this journey. You get a chance to interact with this journey of mine on a more informal and personal level, and you’ll see more than the average readers of this blog see. You’ll get monthly updates, sneak peeks, and fun conversation and discourse that the rest of the world doesn’t get.

PLUS you get to claim the snazzy title: Patron of the Arts… along with several members of the British Monarchy, past and present, Elenor Roosevelt, and many other prominent historical figures.

The idea behind Patreon is to bring back the old system of patronization where artists, writers, actors, musicians are paid by people who appreciate their work to create more of it. You are not our employer, but you allow us to focus on our art and you get a first look at it before everyone else does because you are the reason we are able to create.

Shakespeare wouldn’t have been writing as many plays as he had if he hadn’t been patronized by people like Queen Elizabeth.

You can support me by following this link:

If you decide not to support me, there are plenty of amazing artists, writers, and creators of all types on Patreon that deserve to be supported in their dreams of becoming full time creators. Who knows, you could support the next Maya Angelou or Ursula K. LeGuin… then you’ll get bragging rights to say that you knew them when they were just starting out. How cool would that be?

I know this is a long shot, and I’m relatively new to the literary world, and extremely new to the art world, but I sincerely hope you see potential in me to become an artist and writer that you can be proud of!

I hope to see you join me on this journey!

Best Regards,



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