Hit by a Truck

I should be doing homework… but I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Two weeks ago was Spring Break. The weekend going into spring break I had to call off two days of work and I missed my Friday class because I couldn’t stop coughing. I had the fever, cold chills, aches and pains, and headaches you wouldn’t believe.

Now, I have woken with a sore, feels like it was swollen when I woke up, throat, ear aches, general aches and pains, and a low-grade fever. Luckily, my lungs don’t seem to be affected this time around. I’m really hoping it’s not the flu and it’s just a cold. I’m taking medicine and praying… a lot. Neither my grades nor my paycheck can afford this again.

The biggest issue is figuring out which aches and pains are illness and which are the normal aches and pains from being out of shape and leading a sedentary lifestyle… I’m a writer, it’s a working hazard.

In short, I’m a big baby and I hate being sick. I’m drinking an orange juice and sprite cocktail because vitamin C, the carbonation is kind of turning my stomach, but it’s helping the sore throat.

Hey, if you’re sick, why are you even writing this?

Well, helpful voice inside my head that I totally just used to change the subject, I’m writing this because I’ve written on this blog for two days in a row already and it feels good to do this. Cathartic.

It’s nice writing something that isn’t for school but isn’t just for me. It’s becoming part of my everyday routine. That’s something I’m finding I need more and more. Maybe at some point I’ll get some of my real writing in on that too. It helps to keep the depression at bay.

I guess I’m just having a day and allowing myself to indulge whatever whims I have. But I have homework so… I guess that’s enough for today. Maybe I need a nap.

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