I haven’t posted in awhile… and right now I feel like I need to. A lot has happened this summer. And I don’t mean with my life… I mean with the world. There have been shootings all over the news. People are dying. Cops have shot and killed people who did not deserve it. They have also reacted in fear to people who are not respecting them and ended up shooting them too. In Dallas, 5 officers lost their lives this past week. In my home state, fairly close to home, a man in custody disarmed an officer and killed two more trying to take hostages while in a courthouse. I haven’t heard a whole lot about the middle east or overseas. Apparently, Putin has signed a law over in Russia making evangelism illegal outside of churches EVEN IN PRIVATE HOMES!

The whole world is shouting for equality right now and I’m scared. Because what I’m seeing isn’t about equality… it’s about superiority, getting even. Our culture has lost something – something big. We’ve lost our sense of respect. Respect for others, respect for authority and respect for ourselves.

No one wants to respect anyone else… especially if the differ from their opinion on how life should be lived. Black Lives Matter is demanding that we recognize that the lives of black people matter… but at the cost of the lives of the men and women who get up every day and put themselves in harm’s way to protect us. Due to the propaganda stating that cops don’t care about the people they are supposed to be protecting that they’re all a bunch of jumpy people with itchy trigger fingers people have lost their trust and their respect for them. I watched a video on the news of a young man being shot by the police, a young black man. But it wasn’t his race that stuck with me. It was the fact that while he had one hand raised in the air he had the other stuck behind his back where he had concealed an object just seconds before. He did not listen to officers who told him to put both hands up and drop the object. He began moving towards them and the officers shot. They were not sure what he had behind his back, it could have been a weapon for all they knew. Yet all the media wanted to focus on was that the officer was white and the young man was black. Abortionists and those that support them want equality and the right to choose what they do with their own bodies… but what about the body of the baby? What about their right to life? Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness doesn’t apply only to those that have already exited their mother’s womb… it applies to every human being.

Side Note: If you can charge someone for DOUBLE HOMICIDE for killing a pregnant woman if the baby inside her dies as well then the whole… “it’s not alive until it’s out of the womb,” argument doesn’t get to stand up in court.

We have lost our sense of respect for authority. I see kids screaming at their parents for not buying them a toy, or at their teacher for not giving them an A for their C-level work. I see people on the news and social media trashing the cops that are trying to protect them because they can. People criticize our president because he’s black because they don’t like his policies, or for whatever reason, they can find… I don’t like him, but I respect the office, I respect that he won and that’s that. There’s nothing I can do to change that.

Most importantly: people don’t respect themselves. Every time you stoop to swearing you disrespect yourself and everything you are. You are creating a negative image of yourself, not just in the minds of others, but in your own mind as well. Every time you resort to violence to solve a problem or get your point across you are disrespecting yourself and getting yourself into trouble. Every time you do something to another person that hurts them you disrespect yourself by creating a negative perception of yourself to that person and to the people around you. Every time you call yourself a name, tell yourself you can’t or call someone of your own race by a racial slur of some kind you are disrespecting yourself.

Side Note: One thing that I really don’t get… why black people call each other “Nigga” that’s a dumbed down version of the racial slur “Nigger” used by slave owners and white people back in the day, it meant that they were black and to be black was a bad thing back in the day. Using terms like that only prolongs the inequality. It’s disrespectful… I get it that you’re using it “affectionately” or as a show of solidarity and brotherhood, but really… you’re perpetuating racial slurs. You’re telling that person and yourself that you are inferior to people who aren’t “Niggas.”

People have lost all sense of respect and without respect we will NEVER find equality. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated. does not translate to an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Gandhi was right when he said that it would make the whole world blind. If we don’t start respecting each other, looking out for each other, we will NEVER find equality. Equality does not mean that your life will be perfect. It just means that you and everyone around you is free to do as they please without judgment. They respect you and you respect them. Equality is giving something up so that someone else has a chance… not getting everything you want. That just doesn’t work… not everyone can have everything… you have to work at it, and you have to be careful that you aren’t hurting other people to do it… but right now that’s what everyone is doing… they want something, they go for it, and they don’t care who dies in the process.

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