A Three Day Vacation

This week I took a vacation with my Aunt and my Sister up to Mackinac Island, Michigan. We stayed in St. Ignace and made a short trip up to Sault Ste. Marie on Tuesday. Monday consisted of driving up there, Wednesday consisted of driving down, though we made a short stop in Grand Rapids for frozen yogurt with my Great Aunt and Uncle and 2 of their 5 grand kids. (The other 3 live in Ohio, so it was totally fair.) On Tuesday before we made the drive up to Sault Ste. Marie we took a ferry over to Mackinac Island where we went on an 8 mile bike ride around the Island perimeter.

Day 1: The Trip Up

Our first day was mostly travel and it started out with quite a bit of frustration on my part. I was a last-minute addition to the rip. My Aunt and Sister had planned this back in January and no one thought to formally invite me until last week. It still kind of hurt that my Aunt had started planning this trip to my sister without telling me she didn’t want to go to Scotland with me in 2017 anymore, or that she felt it was unrealistic at the least. (I’m still trying to find a way to go to Scotland next summer, even if I have to go by myself.)

But once I got past that frustration and the frustration of having to get ready early after a day of church and then immediately going o work and working till late at night I was getting better. then I realized my sunglasses were in my locker at work still. I wear the wrap around kind that go over your glasses. Without those I get massive headaches that have been known to send me to bed or the ground in tears. Wearing the sunglasses prevents that. So then I had to stop at work, which required explaining t half a dozen people why I was there on my day off… not fun. And then… my sister got to drive for the first hour or so.



Day 2: The Island

The Ferry Ride

Woke up early, went and bought sun screen… ate a lot of carbs for breakfast that I shouldn’t have and then… on to the Ferry. I had never ridden a Ferry before… good news is that I apparently don’t get seasick. (On a side note as soon as we passed Grand Rapids on Monday that as the furthest north I’d ever been… and later on Tuesday we went all the way to the Canadian Border!)

The Island

The Island itself was really cool. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and I wish I could have seen the interior, but after our 8 mile ride around the exterior… during which my sister did not care to stop and see what was actually there in front of us… all my aunt and sister wanted to do was eat lunch and walk around in the little island shops, at which point I put away my camera in protest.

However… before I put the camera away I did protest at one point and make them stop to climb some horrendous stairs to Arch Rock, a really, really cool rock formation that looks like a natural bridge! I now think I’m really out of shape… but hey, it was worth the pain and the walk.

After that we went up to Sault Ste. Marie, on the border of America and Canada, where we looked out on the Soo Locks, and then went out to dinner at McDonald’s after our tire blew out and we had to be towed to Walmart to buy a tire and have them put it on…I didn’t have the camera, but I did get a new coffee mug while we were in the downtown area.

Day 3: The Trip Back Home

There wasn’t a whole lot… I got to stop in Petoskey again and eat at a Big Boy… Jesperson’s restaurant and Pie Shoppe, a place frequented by none other than Ernest Hemingway, was closed both on the way up and down… though they were supposed to be open on Tuesday-Saturday… just not Sunday and Monday. My aunt, my sister, and I took turns driving, we stopped in Grand Rapids for Froyo with my great-aunt and uncle on Gramma’s side of the family and took a tour of their church, which is in a huge renovation process at the moment.Then we came home.

The view from our hotel the morning we left
The view from our hotel the morning we left

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