Cavelry vs. Calvary

For the longest time, since childhood, I have pronounced the word “cavelry” as “calvary.” One refers to a military unit comprised of horsemen, and the other refers to the Cross at Calvary… the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins… to save us.

I have often heard the phrase: “The cavelry is here,” or “on its way.” When the cavelry is on its way there is hope… we might survive the battle if only the cavelry gets here in time.

If you think about it, the cavelry is coming. In fact it already came… and won the war. In this war against sin, against the world and those in it who have declared Christians as their enemies… Jesus is our cavelry. He came and He is coming again.

He won’t just arrive in the nick of time. He will arrivee at EXACTLY the right time. He sent us forward as messengers. He is the vanguard, the front of the battle, He went in first, we followed Him in and now we must follow the orders He left behind so that He could go and prepare the victory party. Though things may seem hopeless, the Cavelry is on its way and He is it.

I know who goes before me: Jesus Christ, the vanguard.

I know who is by my side: Jesus Christ, my fellow soldier, my general, my medic, my friend

I know who comes behind: Jesus Christ, the cavelry.

The cavelry is coming. Nothing can stop it. When it arrives the war will be finished.

What was begun at Calvarywill come to an end and He will take His rightful crowns.

The cavelry turns the tide of battle… He who died at Calvary turned the tide of war…

The similarity between these words is no coincedence… how can it be? We as Christians carry the banners before the Cavelry of Calvary. The tide of battle shifts… but the war is already won. In this I am confident… in this I rest with ease and keep fighting… for I know that my cavelry is coming.

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