Driving Straight

On Monday, August 17th I woke up; like any normal Monday I did so reluctantly. I got ready for the day, and I packed up the last few items I needed and waited for my parents. The dog was worried, he doesn’t like it when he sees people packing large amounts of their life into a vehicle… When my parents arrived at my grandparent’s house where I stayed for the summer I moved my fish out to the van and the three of us got in. I was in the driver’s seat.

My dad wanted to listen to some music that he had just gotten on amazon, but I pulled rank as the driver. I was stressed and wanted to listen to the local Christian station as far as I could go and I did. we listened to it until it fell out of range and then I hooked my tablet to the auxiliary jack and continued with the Christian music. As I drove I was thinking. I was talking with my parents, but my brain was elsewhere.

I drove from Elkhart County Indiana to Delaware County so I could move in to my dorm early. I only received my learner’s permit this past May. The three-hour drive was a test in everything I have learned so far. The most important thing I thought of though was that no matter what you have to keep your eyes on the road in front of you. Don’t pay attention to the things behind you; they don’t matter. (Or at least they don’t matter nearly as much as what is in front of you.)

Between that and the Christian music it made me think about how people talk about the path of a Christian being straight and narrow. It also made me think about how Lot’s wife looked back on the destroying angels and was turned to salt. A particular song had come on and it said something about fixing our eyes on Heaven, rather than the distractions of life. That made me think about a song we had sung in church the day before: Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God. 

I’m going to be honest with you… I think that right there God was trying to teach me something wonderful.

In this life, full of distractions, we are obsessed with the past. We hold grudges and we look back at the things we have done or haven’t done. We can’t seem to make up our minds. We forget to look forward. We stumble blindly as though in the dark because we don’t look at what’s in front of us, but more than that, we never look past the moment. Rare is the day that we look past what we want and what will benefit us right now. Rare is also the day when we look past what is already behind us, wondering what we did wrong and what we could either change or repeat. We don’t focus on the future, on what is waiting for us.

This isn’t something just for writers. This is some basic advice for life. Look at what is ahead of you. For a Christian, like myself, we need to focus on God and on Heaven, for that is our future, that is what we have to focus on. Make your choices in life in order to best reflect what is coming. do whatever it is that will get you there. For many people God is not in their future. My beliefs tell me what the end of that path holds… but that is not the point of this message.

Follow your path, keep your eyes facing forward on what is ahead. Don’t look back for too long or you will either miss what’s in front of you, or crash into it. Make the right decisions and stay on your path, no matter what problems you see ahead of you. If you stray too far you might get lost and have more problems finding your way back than you would have if you’d just tackled the original problem.

Drive straight, Christians fix your eyes on God and on Heaven. Do not stray or let your path waver into sin and don’t look back on the life you led. Drive straight and get to God, he’s waiting with arms wide open.

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