A Great Moment

Between dog sitting and formulating my response to the supreme court’s verdict I almost forgot. to tell you all about something absolutely amazing.

This week I have been volunteering at Everest Vacation Bible School at Sugar Grove Church. All week we have been discussing conquering challenges with God’s mighty power. On Friday I was blessed with a privilege from God. He allowed me to work hand in hand with the Holy Spirit and lead a little girl from my preschool crew to Christ.

It is not often a 3-year-old accepts Christ, they rarely are old enough to understand the sacrifice God made in his son.

20150628_091704I wear this cross every day and never take it off. It is a constant reminder of what Christ did for me. He died and then got off the cross to save my soul. I have been wearing it for months now and I feel odd whenever I do take it off, which is rare in and of itself.

On Friday the little girl asked me why I wear it. I told her. that I wear it because it reminds me that Jesus died for me on a cross, but the cross I wear is empty because He got off that cross to save me and to live inside my heart forever. She told me that she wanted Jesus to live in her heart forever too. She looked at me with amazement when I told her all you have to do is ask Him. She asked me to pray with her, so I did and just an hour before the end of the last day of VBS she accepted Jesus into her heart as her savior.

I can not express enough the privilege I felt in being allowed to do this. I had been tempted to give in to depression and not volunteer this year, but I felt a need to do it. This little girl had not been in my group originally and was moved to be with another child I had who needed a friend to keep him calm and reassure him it was okay to be here without his mom and dad. There is not an argument in the world that could convince me God did not have a hand in that. I don’t know if She would have heard the message the same way in another group, I don’t know if she would have asked anybody to pray with her. I am certain that God wanted her and therefore she would have accepted one way or another, but I am so glad to have been blessed with this opportunity to work with the Holy Spirit to bring her into God’s arms permanently and forever.

He did all the work, but I thank Him that I was allowed to be even a minor part of that. All Praise Be To The Highest King.

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