Pets: Gotta Love ’em

It’s been awhile since I shared anything about my life so as I am in a mood where I miss my dogs… well my grandparent’s dogs that I like to think of as mine…


These are my boys… Toby is a 10 year old beagle and Charlie is a 3-ish year old border collie mix. I love both of these boys with all my heart. (Apparently these are common names for dogs… I know of several people with beagles named Toby and our school president has a golden named Charlie…)


I also own a Betta fish, I have had four in the past year, the first two I owned were sick when I got them and did not last long. The third one refused to eat and could not acclimatize to his tank and died within a week. My current fish is named Jäger, which is German for hunter. I’ve had him since labor day weekend of 2014. He resides in a 5 gallon tank with 4 small catfish and an algae eater on my desk. He is a crown-tail betta and his coloring is known as dragon scale… it is hard to see in the picture but he has silver scaling mixed in with the the black.

Jäger in his old 1.5 gallon tank

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