Making Time for Writing and Life

Making time to write is probably the hardest thing for any writer to accomplish. What with work, school, family, the annoying necessity of sleep, and life in general everyone has an excuse. Even me, as is evidenced by the lack of frequent posts. I am constantly being pressed for time. I’m in high school and almost all of my classes are dual credit college level, I volunteer in homework room as a tutor when I can, and I have three siblings that occasionally need my help, and I’m in the process of deciding where I want to go to school next year. Not to mention I’m writing a story that I’m going to need to divide into a trilogy or more to realistically fit it in between two covers, and I’m looking for a job that with any luck won’t leave me smelling like fast food. Every day I try to sit down with a pen and fill up at least one side of a sheet of paper, but some days I don’t even have time for that it seems.

So what does a body do when they have no time? The Doctor would say that time is just a perception and has no real relevance, or at least something to that effect. Normal people like us however, don’t have a little blue box that takes them to places throughout time and space so time travel is a little difficult, and all but impossible. I’m honestly lucky to have the few minutes I do to draft this piece.

The only answer to the lack of time is to make time. I don’t actually have recipe for time, but there are ways to do it. You can cut something out of your life, you can multi task (please don’t write and drive!!! It’s just as bad if not worse than drinking and driving!!), or you can push your bedtime back a half an hour, or even get up a half hour early.

Here’s my personal suggestion. Get up a half an hour early and take your shower, or bath, or whatever. Get your cup of coffee, tea, or glass of milk and sit down with a notebook. The reason you’re doing this so early? Because you’re so fresh from sleep your dreams are still fresh in your mind, even if you don’t recall them your creative juices have been stimulated and you have tons of ideas because you’ve been to the bathroom and most people get great ideas sitting on the toilet or standing in the shower (and I enjoy torturing you). Put the pen to the paper and don’t worry about a plot or characters, just start writing whatever pops in your head. If a computer works best then use that instead. It doesn’t matter if you’re grammatically correct or if you even write in your native tongue, half the stuff I put down that early appears to be written in whatever language the minions speak (which probably didn’t help my SAT essay). Later while you’re eating lunch, or dinner, or whatever go ahead and look it over. The next morning repeat the process. If you have something good, work on it at lunch or dinner.

To be honest that’s really all I can say about this besides that when you have the time take it, and if you don’t have time make it. Time is fleeting and we have a limited amount of it so use it when you can.

There’s my two bits so TTFN! Ta-Ta For Now!

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