I’m a Woman Too

When the stranger approaches me at the bar as I’m buying you all another round, he looks me up and down. I know in his eyes he sees me not as one of the guys but as a woman. The woman I look for in the mirror. Perhaps he will see past the parts you all call broken. We talk as I wait for your drinks, he asks for my number. I tell him I don’t know and he gives me his instead.

Bohemian Renegade

So, last night while I was completely sober I made a very rash decision. I'm putting another story out on Wattpad before Xanadu and you can read it here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/170227804-bohemian-renegade  This story was inspired by Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Renegade by Styx. It's a work in progress that I'll be updating real time as I write …

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I’m Releasing a Web Novel in 2019!

Check out my web novel to be released in January 2019!

A Gift Misused…

We're teaching good behavior principles, we're teaching them how to do good works, but we aren't teaching them faith. We aren't teaching them why they do good works.


It’s a well-known fact that dogs and squirrels are at war, though perhaps not among the squirrel population. Charlie, however – he knows about this war. He believes that he himself was there when it began.

I’d like to Request a Retraction and Apology

If you ever reprimanded or disciplined me in retaliation for something I said, whether or not I ever recognized it as wrong, and you think that it's okay to let Nazis, and other half-wits full of hatred speak out and spread their hatred because of their right to free speech. I would like you to leave an apology and retraction in the comments

If You Aren’t Learning You Aren’t Living

I said this to someone this morning who came through the line at the Credit Union. It was followed by the advice that if you ever find yourself bored and not learning anything anymore for whatever reason; quit your job, take a trip, get a new job, whatever, just go learn something. She said she …

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