Glass People

Words are like glass; they can be beautiful, strong, delicate, and even deadly. Sometimes, all of these in one instance. They have a bigger impact than many people like to admit.

Human beings are like glass too.

We are beautiful, as diverse as the colors of a cathedral window. We each tell a story of where we’ve been and who we are. We are formed under pressure and immense heat. While we can withstand the strongest of storms, the lightest of touches can shatter us into a thousand pieces. and in the places we are broken, we become deadly and sharp, or we can be mended with iron or gold, made stronger and more beautiful

Thus, is the human heart.

Words can start and end wars. They can stir a people to change. One set of words can break a person in one instance and heal them in the next. Words are a contradiction

Glass is a contradiction, both strong and weak, delicate and deadly. And glass is not ashamed for these things. It is revered for its uses and validated in its existence by our continued creation of it, use of even its broken pieces in our most beautiful works of art.

If we can use, even broken glass, to make something beautiful, aren’t we beautiful too?